Heel veel leesplezier!

His face with countless deep wrinkles; a groove for every 
Era. Far from ancient times, but still young, his nimble caper.  
The untameable Ancient God, forever young. Always there 
his cry for desire, unstoppable lust and never-ending 

His yellow eyes – was it yesterday- still can see the neolethic 
time. Pan’s birth is shrouded in fog. He cannot be the son 
of Penelope and Hermes. Because in the Egyptians pantheon,
the Lord of the Forest, he already jumped around.

The messenger God, the one of the golden winged dreams,
his father? Could be! But, Penelope always virtuous behind  
her loom remove the shroud at night. And again, she lived 
in different times. Her moral compass, her loyalty, is beyond 
his tempting heart.

Thamus sailed at Paxus, with seaweed in his ears, still confused by The Sirens call. Perhaps enticed by the sound of the jealous Poseidon; Amphitrite fled this God before. No, The Goat horned God is not dead. He lives forever.

He is alive! Pan lures and dances; his Syrinx, his desire
caught in a three-quarter time. The thin sound of Debussy’s 
solo piece, softly sad, grief of centuries in just three minutes.  
The God is trapped in Arcadia in a perpetual mobile of
flute playing.

Come, oh Pan, the world old and grey, needs you. 
Come out of your forest, the world misses your youth. 
Come; it is time, seduce us with your spell.

© Annemarie Kruit

© 2020 | Annemarie Kruit

Op mijn teksten zit copyright. Het auteursrecht is vastgelegd in artikel 1. Auteurswet.

Als iemand iets origineels schrijft of maakt is het niet de bedoeling dat anderen dat werk gebruiken ter meerdere eer en glorie van zichzelf :-).

De wet is duidelijk, in artikel 1 staat het als volgt omschreven: “Het auteursrecht is het uitsluitend recht van de maker van een werk van letterkunde, wetenschap of kunst, of van diens rechtverkrijgenden, om dit openbaar te maken en te verveelvoudigen, behoudens de beperkingen, bij de wet gesteld.”